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So you have spent hours exploring, writing, improving, hopefully improving and then publishing your writing – but it does not end there! Now you have to advertise your website.

You absolutely have to have a way to advertise your website as it makes no difference how excellent your material is if nobody can discover it! In this publish I am going to reveal my latest way of how to advertise your website, and this is what I am personally doing on each writing for my new website:

Promote your blog – Tips

1) Social Media:

If you want to efficiently grow your website then you need to apply social media discussing strategies to advertise your website.

Action Steps:

Facebook: discuss your publish on your Facebook wall, in appropriate categories – ask for feedback and reviews. Use advertisements to advertise it if you have a price range for pay per click or Marketed material.

LinkedIn: Share as an upgrade on your LinkedIn information, and in appropriate categories – ask for feedback and reviews. You could also use advertisements to advertise it if you have a price range. Note: There are a huge number of Groups on LinkedIn appropriate to your Industry and they are readily available – this makes it excellent for publishing your useful material in them and getting your material seen. Some of these categories are huge so you should definitely use LinkedIn for additional exposure.

Twitter – Schedule a Twitter of your publish twice a day for 7 days but change the headline each day to gain more interest.

Pinterest – create a panel on Pinterest for your websites and pin your writing to the panel. I have created 2 boards, one for multilevel promotion and one for internet promotion.

Google+ – Share your writing with your sectors and openly on Google+.

Submit to blog internet directories where your material will be instantly published through a nourish.Technorati is the obvious one but type blog internet directories into Google and you will see there are plenty. Some cost so be careful.

Email list-set up a basic publication to package your material and instantly spread to your record.

Submit to Web 2.0 websites -Take a trip round Blogger or Wetpaint or Propeller where you can build free mini websites or contacts to backlink to your website. These position well with google and generate a reasonable level of traffic if you choose the right chosen keywords and phrases.

Press Releases- Always an excellent way of building a page ranking more quickly. Have a look at;, etc

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