Posted by : Vivek Shah Monday, April 8, 2013

Facebook Timeline for company pages was published last night and a lot of companies and companies are hurrying to get their new information designed.

There are some essential features of Facebook Timeline for Webpages that can be used to set your product ahead of the others.

The upgrade allows directors to more easily view ideas about customer action and overall action on the particular product web page.

The fabric picture at the top of the site allows promoters to use innovative art work to reach out to customers. The fabric picture is 851 p by 315 p so create sure you find a appealing picture to signify your company.

One past function of Facebook Timeline for pages is no more available in the new structure. Marketers can no more specify a “landing page” for visitors to see first when viewing a Facebook Timeline fan web page. All customers will now area straight on the “wall” of the product web page.

Facebook did however, add another function to help substitute the losing website. Administrators can now select specific position up-dates and “pin” them to the top of the site.

If you pin a position upgrade, it will remain at the very top of the Schedule customer profile even if more latest position up-dates are published. This is very useful if your company has an essential concept that you do not want your customers to skip.

Applications associated with your product web page aren't detailed on the left side of the site but presented at the top of the Schedule customer profile. Only 4 programs are shown when a customer originally accesses the site so create sure you select smartly which programs you would like to function.

Facebook has lastly introduced individual texting to Facebook Timeline Webpages. Previously, manufacturers could not concept their lovers. Marketers would have to use their individual account to send individual information. This issue has been settled with the Schedule for pages upgrade.

For those of you who have used Schedule for your individual information, you know that you can “feature” particular content. By standard, position up-dates appear in two content on your Timeline web page. This can become frustrating and it can be easy for customers to skip over certain content without even understanding it.

If you “feature” a position upgrade, that post will then period the size of both content and will be more likely to be seen by customers. Expect to see a lot of manufacturers using this function consistently to create sure that their customers do not skip over essential up-dates.

It will be exciting to see how social networking promoters progress their techniques as they become more comfortable with Facebook Timeline for company pages.

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