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Increase Traffic Using Paid Advertising

Before we jump in we would just like to say paid advertising can come in a wide variety of forms, some of which will be explained in this article, but for a full list please read our article on ‘Different types of online advertising’.

Paid advertising is one of the things that you may be able to use to get some true exposure for your website traffic. The only drawback is the fact that it costs you money to continue pulling in traffic. The traffic that you pull into your website may also not stay long enough for their visit to really make a difference. This in turn would actually just cost you money rather than getting real traffic which are interested in purchasing your products or services.

Although search engine optimization definitely has its advantages, it can take a very long time indeed for your company to see significant results. Not to mention, with all of the on-going changes in the search engine algorithms, there is no guarantee whatsoever that your website will remain high in the search engines even if you try to abide by Google’s terms of service.

Advertising on specific websites is also possible as long as you know what to look for. Many of the websites that are frequently used make use of advertising plans. One reason is to recover some of the costs they have to pay to maintain the website along with all of the resources for the website. One great example of this is Facebook.

When to Use Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is not for everybody, and those who do not know how to use it can charge up a storm on their credit cards. It is a hassle to control spending with advertising especially if you do not set boundaries for how much can be spent in any given time. Aside from that, paid advertising may be one of the options when the niche for your site is very obscure. You could easily use keywords that are similar but lower cost so that you are not charged too much if you do get a large influx of traffic.

Paid advertising should also be one of the last resorts unless you have access to a budget which can handle the way that AdSense users (and other program users) play the system to get more money with less work. This means you can possibly be charged for a view of an ad while the person never really loaded or completely loaded your website.

Regular Banner Advertisements

Low cost banner advertising is a common type of advertising that is still used throughout the web. It is important to take advantage of whatever is available in terms of low cost advertising because it will get views and traffic but without the risks of costing you an arm and a leg. Several large websites also offer advertising slots that allow you to place a direct ad into their web space. This ad space can gain serious attention from a large portion of the online community for that website. Many of the banner advertising plans will allow you to purchase a space for a certain time period where you get unlimited traffic that allows clicks on the ad between the time brackets.

Pay Visitors for Referrals with an Affiliate Program

A great alternative to encourage sales and website visitors is to create a special program allowing you to pay your visitors for referring people they know. To make them qualify they must sign up with opt in email lists and provide the specific referral code to count towards the referrer’s total. This can then be checked in the future to ensure that referrers can ask for compensation when they reach the minimum amount of referrals to get the money they earned. You can decide everything that you wish to allow for referral redemption. There are several methods of getting people to send referrals to get a good prize. Say 1000 referrals is equivalent to $10.00, it may take some time before someone can get that many referrals but it gives you time to capitalize on those referrals in order to be able to afford the cost of referrals.

In order to gauge the extent of your traffic boosting efforts, you need to make use of tracking and analytics tools to see where your traffic is coming from. This way you can see which of your efforts are making the biggest impact so that you can choose to focus on those options to increase traffic flow to your website.

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