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Before we get began on some good guidelines to entice the Googlebot to your website, starting with what the Googlebot is, plus the distinction between listing and creeping.

The Googlebot is simply the search bot application that Search engines deliver out to gather information about records on the web to add to Google’s retrieveable catalog.

Crawling is the procedure where the Googlebot goes around from website to website, discovering new and modified information to review on their behavior to Search engines. The Googlebot discovers what to spider using hyperlinks.

Indexing is the handling of information collected by the Googlebot from its creeping actions. Once records are prepared, they are included to Google’s retrievable catalog if they are identified to be quality material. During listing, the Googlebot procedures the terms on a web page and where those terms are situated. Information such as headline labels and ALT features are also examined during listing.

So how does the Googlebot find new material on the web such as new sites, weblogs, website, etc.? It begins with sites taken during past spider procedures and contributes in sitemap information offered by website owners. As it browses sites formerly indexed, it will identify hyperlinks upon those website to add to the record of website to be indexed. If you want more information, study about them in Website owner Resources Help.

Hence, new material on the web is found through sitemaps and hyperlinks. Now we’ll take a look at how to get sitemaps on your website and hyperlinks to it that will help the Googlebot find out new sites, weblogs, and material.

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