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Make sure you really have listing problems. For some reason, in many situations, Search engines site: owner will not explain to you the real variety how many URLs the online look for motor has listed. You should thoroughly discover how strong your website has been listed actually before coming at any results. Here are some guidelines to do that (also described at SEOmoz):

Check how many website are listed in each listing (or subdirectory: the further you dig, the more precise the results are): +, etc.

Search for subdirectory-specific keywords: site: inurl:subdirectory (or intitle:subdirectory);

Check lately listed website (take benefits of “date range” choice via innovative search).


Having selected any of these techniques, properly gather the information and in the end you will get a more precise variety of website listed website.

Try to recognize any non-indexing styles. Which type(s) of website or subdirectories are remaining out without attention: try to type out any non-indexing guidelines or logic? By doing this you will be able to figure out the problems that must have triggered the listing issues: copy material probably or wrong inner framework. Try to sketch your website main interlinking framework and find website that get insufficient backlinks.

Work on your website exterior strong connecting ratio: strong weblink to your subdirectories from exterior sources (quality strong connecting internet directories should still help with that).

Mind your website spider rate: like I said in my publish on enhancing spider amount, Googlebot “works on a budget”: if you keep it active creeping huge information files or awaiting your page to fill or following copy material URLs, you might be losing the opportunity to demonstrate it your other website.

Submit your website manually

You can personally publish your web page home-page to the most well-known look for search engines:  Google, Bing and Yahoo. To submit your website homepage to:
Observe that you should not publish your web page home-page more than once monthly, or you may be penalised by the google (for example, your website may be prohibited from being indexed).
Moreover to posting your website home-page, you can publish your sitemap to search engines. This guarantees that search engines have a history of all the websites within your web page (rather than just the homepage). We instantly publish your sitemap to Google, Google and Google for you. For more information, see Submitting your sitemap to search engines.


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